"Brad was energetic and magical - filled with so much emotion and common sense." - Marilyn Anderson, Program Chair	Idaho State Health Department
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Nicole Carpenter
Meet Nicole Carpenter
Marketing Director
“I know you want to create and unforgettable event and I’m here to help! I’m Nicole Carpenter, Brad’s Marketing Director. Call me and we’ll talk about the theme for your event. Let’s see if Brad is the right fit to help meet your organization’s goals. I can’t wait to hear from you!”
Alydia Barton
Meet Alydia Barton
Brad’s Office Manager / Travel Agent / High School Track Coach / Elite Marathon Runner
College Mathematics Instructor / Wife / Mother of their six / Brad’s Inspiration
“Brad cares deeply about always leaving you with more value than he receives.  He’s a tremendous presenter.  I’m Alydia Barton. Let’s work together and make sure Brad is in the right place, at the right time and well-prepared for your event. You’re gonna love your experience with Brad!  Ah’oh, gotta run, literally!”
Brad Barton
Here’s Brad
Magic Speaker Guy
"What barriers are you facing? Are they real? (I bet I can prove they’re not) Remember not everything that seems real is real. I can’t wait to talk with you about your event. Let’s make a lasting impact on your team. Lookin’ forward to your call!"

Meet Nicole Carpenter: