Anything is a Blessing

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We were preparing the third edition of my book Beyond Illusions for publication when I received a call from my editor. “Brad,” Tom said excitedly. “I just gave a couple bucks to a fellow sitting on the sidewalk asking for handouts. Brad, he’s got a handwritten sign that reads, ‘Anything is a Blessing.’ How cool is that? That’s precisely the point we make in your book.”

Now clearly the man meant that any contribution, no matter how small, anything at all, would be a blessing. He obviously didn’t mean that being down on your luck – especially being homeless – is a blessing; but is it – or could it be?

This man who had apparently been humbled by life to the point of begging was more right than he realized.

Anything is a blessing – anything at all – illness, accident, injury, bad luck – even homelessness – is a blessing, or could be, depending on how we look at it, respond to it, learn from it, and grow from it. (It is said of Christopher Reeves that “Superman” accomplished more in this world after his paralyzing accident than he ever did before.)

Okay, maybe you don’t want to call that really tough situation you are in right now a blessing. I understand. I probably wouldn’t call it a blessing either. How about calling it a challenge? Maybe a test? Hey, how about calling it an opportunity? That works for me; after all, what are opportunities if they aren’t blessings?
The point is, most anything could be, in fact, a blessing – depending on your perception and your perspective.

On second thought, maybe I do that homeless fellow a disservice. Maybe he meant exactly what he said, “Anything is a Blessing.” He was alive. He knew that humanity cared enough to help him out. Even with all the suspicion and distrust directed at beggars and strangers, he knew that there were enough people out there who would take care of him.

Maybe he really didn’t need their money at all.

Maybe he wasn’t homeless.

Maybe he was a messenger.

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6 Responses to “Anything is a Blessing”

  • Thanks Brad. I needed that message on this day after Election!

  • Sometimes you are not sure what you are seeing is real. Is it a trick,an illusion or the real thing. Or does it really matter?
    If I see it as a trick I probably feel betrayed.
    If it is an illusion I won’t know the difference.
    If it is the real thing I may miss the opportunity.

    It seems to me we have to accept the risk depending upon our ability to deal with the consequences.

    If I can’t handle being tricked every so often then I would not act at all, because I can’t stand to be betrayed.

    If I act upon the illusion, must beable to accept it could be a trick, but I can handle the consequence of the deception.

    If I act upon the real thing then my action is how I wanted to respond in the first place, and all is good.

    Thanks for putting me on your mailing list.

  • Brad,

    If we just stopped for a few moments every day and really looked at our lives, we would see all the blessings that are a part of our lives.

    Roofs over our heads, paved roads, postal service, clothing, electricity, clean water. More importantly, our kids, our friends, our jobs, our neighbors, the people who just seem to appear when we need them and impart yet another blessing on our day.

    We are blessed and we can increase those blessings by being a blessing to others. Pay it forward if you will.

    Brad you are a blessing to me and my family.

    Thank you for all you do!


  • Hey Brad,

    I just wanted to say thanks for your message. Being unemployed for the last two months in this market is starting to wear thin… And going to interviews several times a day without success since I was let go was starting to frustrate me. But I’ve been re-energized, and I’m looking up again.

  • Hey Brad,

    Like Wayne Dyer says, “Everything is always perfect.” It may not look like it or feel like it, but it is exactly what we need to help us move forward in our earthly progress.

    Thanks, and make it a Decisive day!

    Craig Rollo

  • “Maybe he was a messenger”…I do love that, Brad. When we spoke, I mentioned Trevor…four years old and still with little dimples in chubby little hands and purity in his heart…messengers come in all ages and all sizes don’t they…and the remark about Paying it Forward takes in all kinds of opportunities if we keep in mind that no matter how big or small our payment is, if we do the right thing for the right reason it will be “blessed” as a payment forward.

    These are days, for many, of great stress and challenges and sometimes pain of a deep and personal nature and often the most difficult times for us to think of blessing someone else’s day…but stiving for peace and wisdom dictates we must do so because doing so gives our hearts peace and we are given wisdom by witnessing the result of our giving. And for those moments in time, we forget what is challenging us….what a wonderful circle…and Phil Johnson—perfect…we have choices..we can avoid the pain of betrayal by keeoing our heads in the sands but then we would miss the rainbow…
    —Jo Dawn Newlon

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