Wag More

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I was in Phoenix last week attending the National Speakers Association Fall Conference. My son Jacob was competing in the prestigious Nike Cross-Country Invitational just a few miles away from my hotel.

I ducked out of the conference for a few minutes so I could watch him run. (Oh, how I love watching that kid run!) On my way to his race, I stopped at a traffic light. I noticed a bumper sticker on a cream colored Cooper Convertible waiting ahead of me.

I looked – and looked again; then I got it. Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe it is that simple.

It read:

Wag More – Bark Less

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4 Responses to “Wag More”

  • Brad, what a refreshing way to start my day. Your articles have inspired me to overcome the obstacles of life and look to the positive of each of us. I am sure I can use to impact others. Super job……

  • Brad, I’m glad I found your blog. (And I love your book “Beyond Illusions.” I refer to it often.)

    This is a great motto! I love it! I’m making an after-dinner presentation tomorrow evening; this thought will fit in nicely with my theme: every moment matters. Thanks for sharing. You are awesome!

  • Thanks Tom for the props. I’m glad you found us too. Hope your speech is amazing.

    Keep waging and thanks for staying in touch brother.

  • Nino,

    Gald you are finding value. I hope you will continue to read and add your comments and perspective. I’d love to have your voice as a part of my efforts. Thank you my friend.

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