Justified or Justafraid?

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Ever found yourself failing to do something you really want to do because – you were afraid? I sure have. What were we afraid of? Was that real or just an illusion? Were we justified or just afraid?

Weeks, perhaps months ago, at one of my presentations or book signings, you signed up for my Beyond Illusions newsletter. I’ve had this newsletter project scheduled for immediate execution for – - – weeks, perhaps months.

So where is it? What happened to it? You probably thought I shredded it like the newspaper I tore up during my “torn and restored newspaper” illusion.

I wanted to write it. I could do this. I would do it. Yes, I would. I told everyone about it. Everyone loved it, (that’s why you signed up). I could just see it. I would send you a magical newsletter article or blog every week. You would write back and together we would create a wonderful interactive community.

…I didn’t do it.

What stopped me? I don’t know. It felt like a brick wall. Was that barrier real or was it just an illusion? Was I justified – or was I justafraid?

Is there an important project that you have wanted to do but haven’t? Have you been putting it off? Why? Fear? Is the thing you fear real? Are you ready to face that fear – push past that illusion and make that dream reality?

The famed western novelist Zane Grey once said, “The difficulty, the ordeal, is to start.”

So I did.

Welcome to my first installment of Beyond Illusions.

We have a lot of fun and exciting things planned and I look forward to talking to you again next week.

Until then, have a magical day!

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14 Responses to “Justified or Justafraid?”

  • What a great idea. Good job!!!!!!

  • Hey Brad! I want to be the first to say, CONGRATULATIONS! Your site looks awesome, and I’m looking forward to reading you every week!


  • Brad! Congrats on your newsletter! Count me in as a regular reader. Your upbeat ideas and positive encouragement are appreciated and put a spring in my steps!
    Steve Olsen

  • justafraid? You’ve found me out Brad. This is already a great “magical newsletter.” If anyone can help me see my own justafraid, it’s you. Thanks for pushing “past that illusion” for all our benefit.


  • Dewd. You know you rock. I love you. Give my love to your beautiful family, as well!

  • Brad,
    Starting things takes emotional energy to overcome “inertia”…sometimes you have to be patient with yourself. But were you afraid?

    I just finished your book “Beyond illusions” and have found it quite helpful, so I’m looking forward to your newsletter. I think the benefit of your newsletter is that you will be providing continued reinforcement for the “Power of Positive Perception”.

    I look forward to more editions


  • Brad – welcome to the blogosphere! You have a great thing going and I am so grateful that you are now part of my personal prosperity network. Thank you for all you do – and thanks for the interview!


  • Hey Brad,

    Great stuff! There have been many times I have been justafraid! Keep the great stuff coming brother.

    I am proud to count you as a friend.

    Craig Rollo

  • Brad,

    I had to laugh about newsletter intents. I have been planning to write you a letter since meeting you in March and reading your book. Thanks for being so honest with us, now I don’t feel so bad. Be expecting that letter in the “hopefully” near future.

  • Brad! Thank you for starting this up. I needed a friendly reminder to become who I want to be. Just afraid was me a couple of minutes ago. I have an EMT class and I get rather nervous during the tests. There is a lot to remember in order. I was afraid to get things wrong. Now I am going to become justified in my class by thinking positively. You are an amazing person.
    Keep up the cool inspiration!
    Thanks again.

  • You go guy! Hope your latest EMT test was steller. I get to take my own advice daily as I encounter the little and sometimes not so little illusions that get in my way.

    Thanks for contributing to Beyond Illusions Joey.

  • Thanks for connecting Julie. Yes we are enjoying our new little miracle. Glad you enjoyed watching Avery Grace’s video.

    I hope to hear back from you. I’d love to get your feedback on your experience with Beyond Illusions (the book).

  • Do you care if I put part of this on my site if I post a link to this site?

  • As long as you site us and put a link to the blog and any post you use.

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