Who's Brad

Who is this witty magical speaker who has audiences across the country laughin’ and thinkin’?  

Brad Barton was a misdirected kid headed for disaster. Then he ran headlong into an old Greek wrestling coach who looked at this skinny little rebel and created a world class athlete. He ricocheted off an English teacher who took the time to read his dyslexic ramblings and created an author.  Then he bounced like a positive pinball from mentor to mentor all the way up to a successful happy life; a life that was designed for failure but destined for greatness… 

Whose greatness?  The greatness of the corporations and associations  he inspires. Certified Speaking Professional, and award-winning member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, this playful wizard convinces audiences to believe in opportunity, even if they can’t see it.  

College Cum Laude graduate; NCAA All-American athlete; Brad insists that bad beginnings don’t predict bad endings and disasters aren’t disasters. Invite him to speak. The tricks and tales of this high-energy keynote speaker with the magical message will have you believing you’ve got magic before you can say “Shazaam!”

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