Check out the book that has the whole country laughing.

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Who has the power to create magic,
the magician or the audience?

Bring excitement and enthusiasm to your next education conference or assembly with the magic of Brad Barton.

His research-based substance abuse and violence prevention methods equip youth to make positive choices. As a certified Prevention Specialist and master magician, Brad's unique style of blending illusion with reality inspires students, educators and parents throughout the country.

Brad's difficult journey from troubled youth to honors graduate and NCAA All-American, combined with his decade of working with youth, brings his message a sense of honesty and truthfulness that students and educators are drawn to.

Brad uses incredible magic to captivate audiences while providing practical guidance. He explains how techniques magicians use on stage to create illusions can also perpetuate harmful deceptions in real life. His principles for success help students learn to avoid these dangerous illusions. From Character Education and youth leadership to prevention and life skills training, Brad will motivate students, revitalize teachers, and leave a lasting impact on your community.

Brad empowers students to see through illusions and
discover their personal power to create real magic.

Master Magician
Prevention Specialist
Charismatic Speaker

Call (801)791-9017 and learn how Brad Barton can inspire
your next Education Conference, Secondary Assembly,
Elementary Assembly, or Faculty Training.

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