Youth Presentations

Every assembly with Brad Barton features his incredible style of magic, active involvement with students and valuable lessons that really stick. Brad's personal journey from troubled youth to honors graduate brings his message a sense of honesty that students connect with. Choose the presentation that's right for your students or call 801-791-9017 to find out how Brad can customize a presentation for you.


Elementary Assembly

Who Has the Magic?
The magic power of making good choices.

Brad Barton educates your students and reinforces your school's Character Education efforts with thrilling magic and engaging stories. This interactive assembly inspires young children to believe in themselves and discover their own magic through making good choices. The confidence they gain from this memorable assembly serves as an early foundation for substance abuse and violence prevention.


Secondary Assembly

Seeing Through the Illusions
Recognizing the dangerous illusions in real life.

This assembly is charged with high energy and carries a powerful message for students. Brad shows how the same techniques that magicians use on stage can disguise dangerous illusions in the real world. He shows students how to combat media images and peer pressure. Students learn how to make responsible choices regarding substance abuse and violence. This assembly will inspire students, revitalize faculty and leave a lasting impression on your school.

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